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Tips for a Successful Pool Resurfacing

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Concrete Pool Construction and Repair

Even if you exert all necessary effort in keeping your swimming pool in top condition, the reality is that damage and defect will happen. Your pool’s finish, in particular, will start to wear down after long-term exposure to the weather elements – especially if you live somewhere it can get really hot. At the same time, the finishing that was first used when the pool was installed may have reached the end of its shelf life.

When either of these things happen, your pool’s surfacing will crack or blister, which means that a pool resurfacing is in order. If it’s time for such a process for your pool, consider these tips to make sure that you get the most out of the project.

Prepare your swimming pool accordingly

To resurface a pool, it is important to drain the pool and make sure that the top coat is removed to make way for the new surface. The specific practices that have to be followed differ according to the type of swimming pool that you have. For example, if your pool features plaster on gunite, the plaster will have to be chiseled, picked, or jack hammered away; after, any chalky residue that is left should be brushed away from the gunite.


Choose the right finishing material

A pool resurfacing is also a chance to choose a material that will last longer and perform better. Plaster, for instance, is probably the most popular choice as it is also the most economical. However, plaster does not last as long as pebble, quartz, or glass-based finishes. So when choosing, do not stop at considering only the cost of the material. Also think about the long-term effects of the material, as well as the consequent upkeep and maintenance that it will require.


Commission expert professional help

Finally, delegate the task to a good professional. In Perth, swimming pool installers such as Jubilee Pools and Landscapes are available to make sure that the process starts and ends as it should. They will also take you through your myriad of options for a pool finish and help you find the best one that is perfect for what you need and what you hope to achieve.

If you have any questions about maintenance, your installer should also be able to help you out. A comprehensive maintenance plan is, after all, an integral part of keeping your swimming pool and its surfacing in great condition, long after the project has finished.

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