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The Basics of Diamond Offshore Drilling

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We all know that diamond is the hardest natural material in the world. Thus, it is ideal to use as a tool to bore a variety of materials such as metal, core, concrete, and glass. It is used for both small scale and large scale drilling.

Diamond offshore drilling, which is deep water drilling, is one of the examples of large scale drilling that involves huge fleets of drilling rigs in operation for the purpose of providing services of energy industries such as oil firms. Huge structures are put up to facilitate the operation and drilling rigs bore deep into the ocean. The well is then prepared for oil production, which is called the completion phase.

Then, the resources will be extracted from beneath the earth, tested and analyzed. Drilling rigs help oil companies reach remote locations. Other than this, there are other processes things behind diamond offshore drilling.


Basic Processes

Majority of oil companies utilized diamond offshore drilling for most of their projects. Oftentimes, these companies hire service providers to assist them with all their other branches and stations. Legal agreement would be made between the oil company and the service provider that specifies the equipment, the materials, and supplies needed for the workload. The people that will comprise the team will also be stated on the contract. Contracts or legal agreements are very important no matter how long or short the project will be.

There are two types of wells that most offshore drilling operators form namely, the exploratory and the development well. The oil company would use the exploratory well to locate new oil and existing gas deposits. The development well is used to prepare the oil exploration for further oil production in the future. The depths of the water may differ for every drill operation. For jack-up rigs, it can be as low as 20 feet, and as high as 10,000 feet for drill ships.


Drilling Exploratory Wells

Before any type of drilling is done, researches and geologic surveys are conducted in the area to determine whether the site is a latent area for oil production. The oi company would make sure that the project would be worth the investment. Through research and survey, the company will know the exact potential area for exploration.

Once this is identified and all the necessary paperwork and permit are accomplished, drilling can then commence for the exploratory well. The drilling is done and as the process goes on, the well becomes deeper until the drillers detect the potentials for oil deposits in the site.

The environment is extremely considered in any drilling project, to not affect it negatively. Drilling companies follow strict regulations and in terms of the materials and procedures they use in the operation.

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