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The Advantages of 3D Printing Melbourne

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3D printing in Melbourne makes it possible to create parts by building up objects layer by layer. The method provides so many advantages compared to traditional manufacturing techniques. With the help of this printing technology, more applications have become available. The printer is capable of delivering designs in a quick manner with the highest accuracy from a functional material. Knowing and understanding the benefits of this technology will help designers to make better decisions when it comes to selecting the right manufacturing process that will allow them to deliver the best product.



Among the many advantages of 3D printing in Melbourne is its speed where parts are produced, compared to the traditional manufacturing methods. With additive manufacturing, complex designs can be uploaded easily from a CAD model and then printed in just a few hours. Development of design ideas and verification has become possible with this technology.

In the past, it would take a few days, even weeks just to receive a prototype. But with additive manufacturing, a model is placed in the hands of the designer in just a few hours. It is now possible to produce more functional end-parts at low to mid volumes, thus offering a big time-saving advantage.


Single-step Manufacture


One of the biggest concerns for designers is how they can manufacture a part in the most efficient way possible. The majority of the parts need a large number of manufacturing steps in order to produce them by traditional technologies.

Machines used in additive manufacturing is capable of completing a build in a single step without interaction from the operator of the machine during the build phase. The moment that the CAD design has been finalized, it can immediately be uploaded to the machine and then printed in one step in a few hours. This ability of producing a part in just a single step can greatly reduce the dependence on various manufacturing processes such as machining, painting, and welding and offers the designer to have greater control over the final project.



The majority of desktop 3D printers make use of the same amount of power as that with a laptop computer. For industrial additive manufacturing technology, it consumes a high amount of energy that will be needed to produce a single part. But the ability to produce even the most complex geometries in a single step leads to a much higher efficiency and turnaround.

When it comes to new technologies that can play a major role in different businesses and industries, it is important to make the right decision. Doing so will ensure that the expected results will be achieved and it can offer so many benefits. The same thing goes with 3D printers, be sure that you get the right one considering your demands and needs.


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