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Safety Tips for Operating Waterjet Cutting Machines

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Waterjet cutting machines are powerful pieces of equipment that are designed to significantly improve cutting applications for a wide set of industries. To make full use of them, it is important that operators and facilities are apprised of the best practices. Additionally, safety must be ensured at all times – especially since these machines come with specific risks. To help you, consider these pointers.

Stay out of the way of the machine while it is in use


It is an obvious safety measure to make sure that you do not present any potential area for injury while the water jet cutter is being operated, but there have been instances where hazards have manifested because of carelessness. The cutting jet, for instance, must be avoided at all times as it is a high-precision and high-speed stream of water that can deflect bones and spray debris onto the body of the operator. But some operators think that the jet will be safe below the work, which leads to some putting their hands onto the way of the jet to adjust the positioning of the product to be cut.

Additionally, slabs have to be managed and navigated properly to avoid injury risks. When loading and unloading materials – and large plates in particular – take extra care. And when retrieving cut parts from the slats, use a board or catwalk instead of walking directly on the components. Some slabs, after all, may have weakened after long hours of operation and may break.


Wear the right protective clothing

It is also critical that operators wear protective clothing while operating the machine. This is especially important for tasks that may require you, say, cut above water. Loading and using abrasives should also be overseen properly; never use abrasives that are known to have dire health consequences without the right safety gear.


Follow recommended industry practices

Finally, make sure that your facility practices are carried out according to the highest standards. Recommended practices from the manufacturer must also be obeyed down to the letter, especially since they are specific to your kind of waterjet cutting machine. Additionally, do not forego these practices in favour of something that may be less expensive. In the long run, shortchanging quality will lead to reduced operational efficiency and a host of other problems that your facility will not want to have. And maintain the equipment accordingly to prevent safety hazards and verify that everything is in good working order.

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