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Powerful Cleaners for Hospital Flooring

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Medical facilities and hospitals always have a lot of patients that are on their road to recovery from ailments, injuries, and other types of medical conditions. In order for patients to successfully recover, the surfaces in the hospital need to be sanitized, fresh-smelling, and spotlessly clean. 

Given the high traffic in such a setting, doing this can be challenging. This is why it would be wise to hire cleaning professional that make use of the best cleaners for your hospital flooring.

New-Gen Cleaning Technique

Maintaining a wide area of hard surfaces like hospital flooring could be very tiresome and time-consuming, especially if traditional cleaning tools are used like mops and brushes. In fact, even the best scrubbing methods may still fail to remove tough dirt that has build-up on the floor. If you are in this situation, then it’s time to switch to more advanced floor cleaners.

The latest hospital floor cleaners that are now available make use of the power of pressurized steam in order to achieve the best cleaning results. This is all because of the advanced technologies we have now that allow a more versatile cleaning system. This is ideal for various types of flooring like stone, concrete, rubber, marble, and tile.

In order to maintain walkways, driveways, parking lots, and other areas in the hospital that might not be accessible with electrical sockets, hospitals make use of floor cleaners that come with gasoline engines. Such fuel-powered versions are mobile which increases productivity as they can be easily moved around. Gas-run versions are specifically recommended to be used in large areas like parking lots, large halls, and storage areas.

Versatile Cleaning Machine

Top-grade cleaning systems for the floor are available from popular brands that score high when it comes to versatility. These types of cleaners can perform the functions of a few machines.

Steam Power Washer

Its pressure level reaches 4000 psi, while the steam temperature is up to 330ºF and flow rate of 4 gpm. This cleaning machine offers the cleaning action of a steam power cleaner. This also functions as a hard surface cleaner that is very helpful in degreasing floors and to maintain concrete surfaces.

Hard Surface Cleaner

A spinner attachment comes with a hard floor cleaner that makes the machine capable to function as a spinner cleaner. By attaching its large 19-inch spinner head to the floor cleaner, users can maintain the cleanliness of the area quickly and easily.

Wall Cleaner

It has a spinner head and squeegee wand that allow the cleaner to work as a wall cleaner.

Sludge Extractor

This cleaning machine comes with a sludge extractor that helps extract large volumes of water from hospital flooring. Given this reason, this portable cleaner has a high flow rate of 30 gpm.

In order to ensure cleanliness and safety in hospitals, it is very important to have the right tools and equipment. This makes it worth to invest in these cleaners.

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