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How to Make the Most Out of Your Plasma Cutters

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Plasma cutters have revolutionised metal fabrication for many facilities, regardless of the industry that they are in. Whether you are a small fab shop, a large complex, or a hobbyist who wants to indulge your artistic abilities, you can count on the equipment to help you produce cut parts of quality, on a timely manner. The ease with which you can use these cutters, even if it will be your first time, is also a bonus: you do not need to contend with a steep learning curve, and you can start capitalising off the equipment immediately.

Even so, it is necessary to remember that just because the machine can run without interruption out of the box does not mean that you will never need to tinker with it so that it can provide better results. And what’s good is that upping the functionality of your equipment does not need to be complicated. Here are some pointers for your consideration.


Follow your manual

One of the best things that you can do when it comes to working with plasma cutters for maximum gain is to consult what their manufacturers have said about their operation. Your manual outlines all the information that is relevant to the efficiency and quality of the equipment, as well as lists specific recommendations that you can use to keep it in optimal condition throughout its lifespan.

Commissioning servicing or repairs for the equipment should also be done according to the manual. Doing this is not only going to ensure quality results, it will also help you protect the warranty of the machine. After all, if it suffers damage because of something that has not been recommended by your manufacturer, you may limit the support that you can expect out of the purchase.


Fine-tune your methodologies

Additionally, make sure that your methodologies are perfected to accommodate maximum productivity and operability. Managing your tips, for instance, should be done with care: never forget that your tip should depend on the power settings that you use. If the settings don’t match, you may shorten the lifespan of the tip, or negatively impact the quality of the cut that it produces.

If you are not sure whether your methods are at par with your CNC plasma cutting machine, it is better to ask for guidance from the source of the machine, such as your manufacturer or your supplier. They can help you design workflow strategies that suit your operations, complement the machine, and ensure consistent quality outcomes.

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