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Factors that Lead to Damage in Water Jet Cutters

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Water jet cutters are important to the operation of many facilities in the world, and if you have one in your workplace, you know exactly what value they provide. When they break down, facilities have to contend with the risks of losing productivity and profitability.

This is the reason why there is much time and effort given to designing the right measures that will optimise the performance of the machines. But did you know that there are also things that can undo all of that hard work and lead to potential damage? Three of the most common are as follows.


Failure to Follow Specific Manufacturer Instructions

Everybody knows that the manual from the manufacturer contains every essential piece of information that is necessary in harnessing the best from any machine. However, not every facility places the right level of importance on it and, as a result, end up shortchanging the performance of their machines.

If you want to make sure that you are keeping to the specific technicalities that have been designed in the configuration of your machine, always consult your manual. Beyond satisfying requirements that dictate the performance of the product, it will also help protect your warranty.


Poor Practices

It is also important to steer clear of practices that may only end up decreasing the quality of the results that you will get, as well as negatively affecting the components of the waterjet cutters. Using poor water quality, for instance, will lead to substandard cut parts; similarly, keeping an uncleaned orifice for abrasive cutting will also significantly wear down the component.

It helps to establish a comprehensive operational programme that includes:

  • Detailing every process and how it is done
  • Logging all operational tasks, as well as maintenance; and
  • Featuring proper team or individual assignments for the tasks


Such a model will help streamline your processes so that you and your team stay on the same page when it comes to operations.

Irregular and Improper Repair and Maintenance

Finally, repairs must be done as soon as they are warranted. Do not make the mistake of waiting to see if your water jet cutter will still be able to perform, even with an issue; this will only worsen the existing problem and potentially exacerbate it beyond repair.

Maintenance must also be carried out according to the specified time intervals. And when it is being done, it must be done properly. Consult your manual to find specific according recommendations.

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