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Choosing Security Doors in Melbourne: Top Three Things to Know

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Looking to install security doors in Melbourne? Here are three of the most important things that you should know, so that you can ensure positive results that will validate the investment you put into them.


Choose a trusted manufacturer and installer.

Security doors need to adhere to established standards and requirements by the industry, which means that their manufacturer must be of reputable quality such as produce by Amplimesh. When choosing, make sure that you spend as much time as necessary to verify that the company you will be choosing will be the right one. Consider their company history, read reviews from their clients, and check the scope of their catalogue. This last characteristic is especially important, if you want to find a door that meets all of your requirements, while also falling within your budget.

If your manufacturer does not provide installation services, you will need an installer. When choosing, also make sure that you have a good idea of the competence of their team, as evidenced by a diverse portfolio of successful projects. In addition, check what previous customers have said about them, and schedule a consultation so that you can ask for a detailed project brief and know more about the quality of their service.


Ask for a written proof of their door quality

When you have chosen your manufacturer and installer, you should ask them for a written proof that their offered security doors in Melbourne comply with regulations. The industry has specific rules about the design and installation of these doors, and your chosen company should be able to prove it without question. Additionally, make sure that they offer an insurance programme that is designed according to industrial requirements.

Also, it helps to supplement what your manufacturer or installer can provide with proper knowledge of local codes and standards. Get in touch with the right agency to be apprised of what you need to know technically so that the project can start and end successfully.


Ensure comprehensive support

Finally, check the product support and warranty that come with the security doors. Be particularly clear on the according terms and conditions of the warranty, as there are warranties that look comprehensive at first glance but actually come with a lot of limiting considerations in the fine print. Also, you should know which repair solutions can be covered, so that you know who to call if your door encounters an issue. If you have questions or concerns, relay them to your manufacturer or installer.

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