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Beautiful Reasons Why a Swim Spa for Sale Is a Better Investment Than Traditional Swimming Pool

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If you have been wanting to add a water entertainment feature in your own backyard, would you even consider a swim spa for sale as a viable option? Almost like an instinct, everyone else would opt for a hot tub or the traditional swimming pool. We would dare say that a swim spa is the better option here because it encompasses all the best features you are going to look for in an outdoor water entertainment piece. 

 Beautiful Reasons Why a Swim Spa for Sale Is a Better Investment Than Traditional Swimming Pool

As opposed to choosing between those two usual options or shelling out an outrageous amount of on an outdoor water entertainment facility that has all the best features you are looking for, a swim spa, we must say, is the better and notch higher version of them all, letting you to enjoy the best of all the worlds.  

Entertainment, relaxation, and fitness — an outdoor swim spa can easily let you have them all, for far less money on building your own pool and the hassle that usually come with it.  

Swim spas are far easier to maintain. In addition to that, if your ultimate goal in wanting to have outdoor water entertainment feature is for fitness purposes too, we will assert that swim spa is less distracting. 

Having your own swim spa is a practical way to capitalize on your outdoor living space even if you don’t want to commit on something that you are uncertain if you want to have or not. We are presenting below some of the underlying reasons why swim spas are better than traditional swimming pools.  


A swim spa for sale,  compared to hot tubs and pools, is usually smaller in terms of size. Since they are also naturally portable, they are less of an investment. But even so, they put more value to your hard-earned money.  By installing a swim spa, you are eliminating expenses on extra features that naturally go along with traditional pools such as fencing costs, labor, then costs for building a deck or a patio to accompany the swimming pool. 

And finally, they are also energy efficient. They can retain 70% more heat as opposed to how a traditional pool loses while the filter is fully functional and is turned on, saving you on energy consumption.  

 Fitness and Fun

One of the key selling points of swim/bath spa is they are promoting your body’s level of fitness. This outdoor water feature creates water waves that mimic those of the ocean. You can have full control on the level of intensity of such current and thus you can swim against it for a total aerobic workout while you are soaking in it.  

Easy to Maintain

Traditional swimming pools are hard to maintain, almost always you need to give them attention. Poor cleaning habits and maintenance would run the risk of them turning into a huge magnet for leaves, dirt, and a manifold of other debris. Leave it on its own for a few days, and you will have the worst nightmare of your life afterward — simply because of the amount of cleaning you need to do. 

Compared to swim spas, they are equipped with removable or sliding insulation. This security feature will help keep unwanted debris out. And since they have a considerably smaller amount of space, they are far easier to maintain and clean.   

How Small is a Small Swim Spa?

The largest I have come across within the market, so far,  is 10 feet by 14 feet as its dimensions. Anything that would go under that can be considered as pretty standard swim spa size. Going larger than that, it would be ideal for professional swimmers. It is also going to be highly recommended for those individuals with serious needs for larger fitness space. 

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